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Note attachments

Evernote allows images, PDF documents, audio clips or any kind of files to be attached to notes. With Notekeeper, you can view existing attachments in notes, and also add attachments to notes, but there are certain limitations.

Here is a summary of what you can / can not do with note attachments:
  • Viewing note attachments
    • View image attachments
    • Listen to attached audio clips (WAV or MPEG format)
    • Open attached PDFs
  • Adding note attachments
    • Images can be added to a note from within Notekeeper; Other file types cannot be added this way
    • If you're using a Nokia N9, you can create notes with attachments of any file type using the N9 Share menu
  • Removing attachments
    • Can remove attachments from only plain-text notes (but not rich-text notes)
  • Saving attachments to the phone
    • Attachments (of any file type) in a note can be downloaded and saved to your phone