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Notekeeper for Belle SSL problem

If you are using Notekeeper v2.0 on your Nokia Symbian phone, and if your Notekeeper app is not able to connect to the Evernote servers, this applies to you. If you have logging enabled during a sync or login operation, you shall see errors like the following in the log:

qDebug: "SSL Error: [11] The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found"
qDebug: "SSL Error: [17] The root CA certificate is not trusted for this purpose"

The problem here is that the Evernote server's SSL certificate has changed, and Notekeeper is not able to validate that the server it's talking to, is actually Evernote's server. Notekeeper is designed to not honor the connection in this case, in the interest of data security.

The fix for this problem is an update to Notekeeper, as version 2.0.2, for Symbian devices. Please upgrade to Notekeeper v2.0.2.

This page was last updated on 12/Jul/2013