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Offline access to notes

Notekeeper manages notes data in such a way as to keep recently accessed notes stored in the phone so that they can be accessed offline, i.e. without having to contact the Evernote servers. If you need to ensure that certain notes are available offline, you can tell Notekeeper to keep them always stored in your phone.

If you create a note in Notekeeper in a particular device, that note is always available offline in that device. Apart from this, some notes can be earmarked beforehand for offline access, so that they can be accessed even without Internet connectivity.
  • To mark a note for offline access, mark the note as 'Favourite' by tapping the star at the top-right corner when viewing the note

Notes marked as 'Favourite' can be quickly accessed by going to Notebooks > Favourites.
  • To mark all notes in a notebook for offline access, go to Settings > Offline notebooks and select the notebooks that are needed offline
After you mark notes / notebooks for offline access, during the next sync, all the relevant notes (and attachments in those notes) will be downloaded to your phone. This means that the next sync will involve a lot of data transfer (so using wifi might be a good idea), and might appear to take longer than usual. Also, the downloaded notes and attachments will occupy space on your phone, so you might have to ensure you have sufficient disk space in your phone.

The information of which notes are marked as 'Favourites' and which notebooks are marked as 'Offline notebooks' is not synced with the Evernote server (the Evernote server does not support storing this information). Consequently, different devices syncing to Evernote can have different notes marked as 'Favourites' or different notebooks marked as 'Offline notebooks'.

The 'Offline notebooks' feature in Notekeeper is similar to that in Evernote for iPhone and Evernote for Android. To use the 'Offline notebooks' feature in Evernote for iPhone/iPad and Evernote for Android, you need to be a Premium Evernote user. However, you can make use of 'Offline notebooks' in Notekeeper even if you are a free user of Evernote.