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Synchronizing changes

When Notekeeper synchronizes notes with the Evernote server, it receives any updates to your notes from the Evernote server (that could have been made in other Evernote-enabled clients), and sends any changes or additions made to your notes in Notekeeper. In addition, during synchronization, any notes marked for offline access are downloaded to the phone.

Syncing happens automatically shortly after the app is launched. Also, when you edit a note and press the back button, syncing is started automatically. If required, syncing can be started manually using the 'Sync now' button in Settings (this can be useful, for example, if you have just added notes to Evernote from another client and want to see them in Notekeeper right away).

By default, the app syncs only when wifi is available (to prevent unintentional mobile data usage), but this can be changed in Settings. This setting applies to both automatic and manual syncing.

In Nokia Belle:


In Nokia N9: