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Trial version vs Full version

Notekeeper Trial is a trial version of Notekeeper intended to allow potential users to evaluate the app, and confirm that it works as per their needs, before they purchase the full version of Notekeeper.

The trial version of Notekeeper has all features and functionality of the full version of the corresponding version number. The trial is only limited by time period. It works with all features for 10 days and stops working after that.

The 10-day trial period is considered to have started when you authorize Notekeeper to access your Evernote account. 

Removing and reinstalling the trial version does not mean that the trial period is reset. The trial is still considered to have started at the date on which you initially started to use the app. However, if anytime after the start of the trial period, there's a new update to Notekeeper Trial, you are eligible to try the new update for 10 more days. If you would like to try the new version of Notekeeper Trial, please remove your existing installation of Notekeeper Trial, if any, and install the new version from Nokia Store.