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Problems with re-login

Problem summary:

Unable to re-login to Evernote.

Problem details:

When the authentication to Evernote expires automatically or gets revoked by you on the Evernote website, Notekeeper can no longer talk to the Evernote servers. When this happens, Notekeeper asks you to re-login, like this:

When you tap on re-login, Notekeeper shows you a sign-in button. When you tap on sign-in and try to login, you might not be able to login to Evernote. This is a bug in Notekeeper 2.x.


As a workaround, please do the following:
  1. Logout of your Evernote account in Notekeeper (Go to Settings > Evernote Account > Logged in as ... and tap on 'Logout')
  2. Tap on 'Sign in' and follow login instructions
  3. You should now be able to login and use Notekeeper as before